Welcome to Conestoga Valley High School's Emotional Support Wiki Space!

We are committed to helping students achieve full value contract behavior across their school settings and achieve success in life management.

The Emotional Support Teachers at Conestoga Valley High School are:*=

Erica Cain
Email: erica_cain@cvsd.k12.pa.us
Phone: 717-397-5231 x2204
Teacher Assistant: Cheryl Brito
Prep Period: Block 2 (approx. 9:30-11:00)
Room Number: 204

Jerry Beekler
Email: jerry_beekler@cvsd.k12.pa.us
Phone: 717-397-5231 x2206
Teacher Assistant: Sandy Taylor
Prep Period: Block 4 (approx 1:00-2:45
Room Number: 206

Free Rice

Username: First_last
Password: Last four digits of student ID
Enrollment Key (Use MAGIC WORD that you are given by Mrs. Whitley!!)

Username: firstname_lastname
Password: Last 4 digits of your student ID
Store documents online so that you can access them at home
If you have never used your school weblocker:
USERNAME: (ALL CAPS): first letter of first name followed by first four letters of your last name followed by 7 digit ID
Password: Same as above
Example: John Smith 1002222=JSMIT2222
Once you are logged in, change your user name and password to your network user name and password

Study Island
Username: firstname_lastname@cvhs
Password: last 4 digits of student ID

Google Docs
Username: firstname_lastname
Password: 7 digit student ID
Google docs allow multiple people to work on the same document at the same time